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"The Penniston Code is a bona fide, Hynek Scale, Close Encounter of the Third Kind..." - Dr. Manu Seyfzadeh 3/16/23


Dr. Manu Seyfzadeh.  March, 16, 2023 

1. The Penniston Code is a bona fide, Hynek Scale, Close Encounter of the Third Kind; Bloecher subtype F.

It’s one of the rarest, if not THE communication candidate from an intelligent agency that is not from our own time. Therefore, if authenticated, it ranks at the top of all UFO-related encounters reported in the history of the phenomenon.

It deserves a thorough appraisal. 

2. Provenance: The source is credible by virtue of its credentials. The various critiques that have been launched against it have to do with perceived a) delay in reporting, b) note book irregularities, c) some of the coordinates mentioned in the code, and d) the overall implausibility of a message from the future and a message from Earth, as opposed to an extra-terrestrial location.

However, all these critiques miss one of the chief take-aways of the code: It authenticates itself without relying on Jim Penniston or any other human being. 

3. The Penniston Code, if it comes from the future, cannot by definition be explicit in its instructions and message because of the causality paradox. 

Example: 'Back to the Future:' Marty’s image disappears on the photo when he goes back in time and finds out that he must succeed in helping his mother to fall in love with his father George. When this threatens to not happen, Marty’s past begins to dim. What Gary Osborn has discovered is that the code’s method is implicit, probabilistic, and heuristic, as opposed to explicit. In other words, the code makes it more probable that an observer will discover its own authentication and ultimate purpose. By not changing the past, but only the probability distribution of how the past proceeds into the future, the code overcomes the causality paradox. 

4. The Penniston Code’s first task is to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is an authentic message from the future. It does so by predicting a value of the Fine Structure Constant, not known in 1980 when Jim Penniston received the message. In keeping with the previous point about causality, the code sends the reader to the Giza Plateau, where it maps the various values of the Fine-Structure Constant onto the east base of the pyramid of Khafre, aka G2.

The Nazca coordinates, together with awareness of the importance at Giza of the Golden Ratio, establishes the 2018 Fine-Structure Constant value accurate to 9 decimal places (the full 12-digit number, as determined by physicists) 38 years earlier in 1980. 

5. The Penniston Code’s second task is to establish a 'time dial' at Giza using the well-known 'Lehner-Goedecke line' or 'Giza Diagonal,' and maps a 'processional clock' over it using the only two non-coordinate numbers used in the code: 666 and 8100. 

6. The Penniston Code’s third task - having established its authenticity and a time line - is to point the observer to its ultimate aims: the Great Sphinx, rumored to have housed hidden records, and the Azores, rumored to be a possible location for the real Atlantis. 

7. The remaining content of the code, as it stands, remains under investigation, i.e., "Eyes of your Eyes," the other four geographical coordinates of Sedona, Belize, Naxos, and Taishan, and the meaning of the symbols Jim Penniston saw on the side of the 'unidentified craft of unknown origin.' 

So, in sum, the take-aways are: 

1.The Penniston Code is one of the most significant pieces of evidence in human history of an intelligence other than us in our time. 

2. The critics of the code miss the point of the code: It does not rely on Jim Penniston to prove its authenticity.

If authentic, which the math says it is. it confronts us with a paradox that goes beyond Ufology because it challenges what we think we know about time, causality, and physics. 

3. The code from the future must, by definition, overcome the causality paradox.

The Penniston’s Code solves this problem by changing 'probabilities of outcomes' rather than outcomes. 

4. The Penniston Code has three, thus far, identifiable missions: to authenticate itself, to establish a 'time dial' relating to the cycle of precession (the Giza Diagonal) on which specific dates can be determined, and to point to two places, the Sphinx and the Azores.

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