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Jim Penniston and Gary Osborn talking to David Young 3/18/23

The Penniston Code and Atlantis - Gary Osborn, Dr. Manu Seyfzadeh 3/17/23

I am joined by Gary Osborn and Manu Seyfzadeh who have both collaborated with the likes of Graham Hancock, Robert Schoch and Robert Bauval publishing many articles and books on the mysteries of the Giza Plateau and the Sphinx. We continue the conversation linking the ‘Penniston Code’ received by Jim Penniston when he touched the unknown craft during Rendlesham UFO incident to calculating the fine structure constant. The code might be the only communication received from a non-human intelligence and could be from the future and created deliberately to ensure it did not break the timeline if decoded. We also discover how the code could potentially point the decoder to the Great Sphinx, rumored to house hidden records, and the Azores, rumored to be a possible location for the real Atlantis. If you would like to be on the podcast or get in touch then please email me at

Up The Vibe - Jim Penniston, James Rose 11/20/22

I am joined by fellow contributor James Rose and Jim Penniston, USAF Security Forces/Retired, who in December 1980 was one of the first responders to a security investigation of a craft-of-unknown-origin, located just outside RAF Woodbridge, England known as the Rendlesham Forest Incident, and is the most documented account in military history. Jim entered the Air Force in 1973 and served over twenty years active duty in the US Air Force. He wrote defence, security, counter-terrorism, and contingency plans for the USAF and NATO. Additionally, he provided security support for Air Force One, and other classified aircraft weapon systems. Jim is now a frequent lecturer and presenter at numerous MUFON and other related events and conferences of similar subject matter. A speaker at two National Press Club events; His first responder's account of the Rendlesham Forest Incident has been featured worldwide on numerous television and radio programs. In addition, Jim has been a contributor to other books concerning this phenomenon including the Rendlesham Enigma. We discuss the Rendlesham UFO incident, the craft and the aftermath and also explore the nature of the secrecy around this and other UFO cases. If you would like to be on the podcast or get in touch then please email me at

Paranormal Dimensions with David E. Young and Gary Osborn  7/4/22
Here is a great interview with Gary Osborn about his writing of the Rendlesham Enigma book. His discoveries with the code and his writing of Book two of the Rendlesham Enigma. He has taken the complicated and presented it for all of us to understand. It's our assessment these huge discoveries will change Ufology.

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How the Rendlesham Forest Incident binary code message was received, revealed and decoded

“During the night I was often wakening with thoughts, or rather images, of visions of ones and zeros running through my mind, my mind’s eye…” – Jim Penniston, Encounter in Rendlesham Forest In 2010 it was revealed by Jim Penniston that he initiated a download of information when he touched the pictorial glyphs on the craft of unknown origin during his investigation in the early morning hours of December 26th, 1980, in Rendlesham Forest.   26-year-old Sgt. James Penniston was part of the three-man USAF Security Police team called to investigate the landed craft of unknown origin in Rendlesham Forest.  The men with Sgt. Penniston, were A1C John Burroughs and A1C Ed Cabansag.  Only Penniston and Burroughs went into the woods to investigate the landed craft, Cabansag stayed near the truck as a radio relay for the men. Cabansag watched the mysterious pulsating multicolored lights in forest, while his two team members headed out on foot.  As Penniston and Burroughs approached the unusual lig

How the Rendlesham Binary Code Message AUTHENTICATES itself - by Gary Osborn

Those who are interested in the Rendlesham Forest Incident should have been informed by now that the Rendlesham binary code message, as claimed to have been received by first responder SSgt. Jim Penniston on Boxing Day morning, 1980, has finally been deciphered and that the seven sets of geographical coordinates found within the message, each and together, contain enough additional information that could fill three large volumes. In other words, a great deal of data – answers to some of the things that have had us mystified for centuries – has been encapsulated within just those seven sets of coordinates.  However, aside from all the additional data they contain, what follows is a short version summary as to how the Rendlesham Binary Code Message actually AUTHENTICATES itself, which was first presented in the last chapter of the book I co-authored with Jim Penniston titled, The Rendlesham Enigma , published in 2019. Think on this. Do not ignore it. What follows is factual and pro

Jim Penniston's Notebook

Jim Penniston first showed this notebook publicly on the Sci-Fi documentary UFO Invasion at Rendlesham broadcast in 2003 December.  Jim discusses the investigation the night he was face to face with a Craft of Unknown Origin that landed on the forest floor: "After ten minutes without any apparent aggression, I determined the craft was non hostile to my team or to the base. Following security protocol, we completed a thorough on-site investigation, including a full physical examination of the craft. This included photographs, notebook entries, and radio relays through airman Cabansag to the control center as required. On one side of the craft were symbols that measured about 3 inches high and two and a half feet across". "These symbols were pictorial in design; the largest symbol was a triangle, which was centered in the middle of the others. These symbols were etched into the surface of the craft, which was warm to the touch and felt like metal".  "The feeling