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How the Rendlesham Binary Code Message AUTHENTICATES itself - by Gary Osborn

Those who are interested in the Rendlesham Forest Incident should have been informed by now that the Rendlesham binary code message, as claimed to have been received by first responder SSgt. Jim Penniston on Boxing Day morning, 1980, has finally been deciphered and that the seven sets of geographical coordinates found within the message, each and together, contain enough additional information that could fill three large volumes.

In other words, a great deal of data – answers to some of the things that have had us mystified for centuries – has been encapsulated within just those seven sets of coordinates. 

However, aside from all the additional data they contain, what follows is a short version summary as to how the Rendlesham Binary Code Message actually AUTHENTICATES itself, which was first presented in the last chapter of the book I co-authored with Jim Penniston titled, The Rendlesham Enigma, published in 2019.

Think on this. Do not ignore it.

What follows is factual and proof of contact with an advanced intelligence.

Explain it away if you can . . . 

According to the late astronomer, Carl Sagan, the number 137 and the number of decimals following it, is the quintessential candidate for the ‘crown-jewel’ of ‘interstellar message’ authentication, because knowledge of this number, which is the inverse number of alpha (the Fine-Structure Constant, first discovered in 1916), presupposes a state of technology which allows a civilization to measure it. (Paraphrasing author Dr. Manu Seyfzadeh during a discussion we had). 

The more accurate the number is in terms of the number of decimals after 137, the more advanced the civilization. 

Thus, the string of numbers after the period (decimal point) following the number 137, becomes a measure of the level of knowledge and intelligence. 

On Boxing Day 1980, SSgt. Jim Penniston encountered an “unidentified craft of unknown origin” in a forest just outside the twin USAF bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge, in Suffolk, England. 

This event, known as the Rendlesham Forest Incident, is now said to be the most well-documented UFO/UAP case in military history. 

During his encounter, and when he touched a large symbol on the side of the craft he encountered, Jim Penniston claims he experienced a telepathic download of ones and zeros (binary code), which he was able to write down in proper sequence in his notebook, after he couldn’t get them out of his mind. 

Writing them down helped. Jim didn’t come forward about the existence of the code until thirty years later in 2010, as the incident had been a traumatic experience for him and he thought he was having a breakdown when he found he had written down pages of ones and zeros. 

Jim Penniston thought this would end his career and that his mental state would be in question. 

When the 16 pages of binary code were deciphered in 2011, the result was a textual message with seven sets of geographical coordinates. 

The first five pages were deciphered and what they contained was showcased on the last episode of the second season of ‘Ancient Aliens,’ first televised on December 29, 2010. 

I was personally approached by Jim Penniston to study the seven coordinates of the code early in 2011. 

Jim asked that I study them to find if they contained any additional information  

After studying the code since February 2011, and after having found a vast amount of data, it was during 2018 that I discovered that TWO of these seven sets of geographical coordinates from the binary code message pointed to a special latitude running through Giza, Egypt, in 1980 – the year the binary code was received. 

It should be explained that the slow drift of the African Plate on which Giza is situated is moving northeast at the azimuth angle of 51.46 degrees, and at the velocity rate of 2.15 centimeters a year. 

We are told that this motion of the African Plate has been consistent over the last 100 million years. 

In brief, using the most reliable tectonic plate motion calculators and distance calculators, I was able to project the GPS coordinates of the key points of the pyramids at Giza, as were determined by the most accurate mapping survey to date established in 2018 by the Glen Dash foundation, BACK 38 years to 1980, because it had become evident that at Giza this year was significant, as I had discovered. 

The latitude running through Giza, which TWO of the seven sets of coordinates from the Rendlesham binary code message were pointing our attention to, and which was confirmed by a third set of coordinates from the binary code message, IS SPECIAL because it divides the longitude, N/S distance between the center of the Great Pyramid (“G1”) in the north and the center of the third pyramid (“G3”) in the south into the Golden Mean, Phi-ratio proportions of 1 and 0.618. 

The fact that the pyramids of Giza were placed and constructed to the Phi-ratio of 1.618, is in itself is a major discovery, which also came by way of the coordinates found in the Rendlesham binary code message. 

This special latitude runs exactly 320 royal cubits from the original, south-base casing-edge of the Great Pyramid (“G1”), and 70 royal cubits north of the original north-base casing-edge of the second largest pyramid at Giza referred to as "G2." 

The coordinates of this special latitude, which I aptly named the “Golden Cut latitude,” was 29.9766248ºN, and I discovered that by simply multiplying the numbers in this latitude of 29.9766248 by 320 and then dividing the result by 70, had both generated and predicted the same 12-digit number of the inverse alpha (Fine-structure constant), which was determined by physicists 38 years later (CODATA December 31, 2018). 

The Inverse Fine-Structure Constant page on the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Website. 

The new determination was then published on Wikipedia the following year on May 26, 2019. 

In 1980, the inverse number of the Fine-structure constant was known to only four decimal places. 

However, the number that was generated and predicted by the code at Giza in 1980, is 137.035999084 - again, the same 12-digit number as the determination made in 2018.

The numbers in the latitude passing through Giza in 1980 of 29.9766248 x 32 / 7 = 137.035999085... 

The last digit is 5 instead of 4, but if we multiply 29.9766248 by the number 4.5714285714, which is 32/7 or 320/70, the result is 137.03599908485781072 . . . the first 12 digits being exactly the same as the determination in 2018 of the inverse number of alpha – 137.035999084

The new determination was announced on May 26, 2019 on Wikipedia, just as I was writing up the last chapter of the book The Rendlesham Enigma, co-authored with Jim Penniston, in which I mentioned the Golden Cut latitude and how it generated the inverse number of alpha. 

HOWEVER, at that time I was working to the previous determination made in 2014 of 137.035999139. 

It was on May 28, 2019 – two days after the new determination made in 2018 had been published on Wikipedia, that I decided to take a look at the Wikipedia page on the Fine-Structure Constant, and to my amazement I discovered the new determination of 137.035999084 . . . which was precisely the number that was generated by the numbers of the Golden Cut latitude running through Giza in 1980. 

I knew then that the Rendlesham Binary Code message was authentic, and in fact this is exactly how the code authenticates itself. 

No one could have known this before December, 2018, and neither could anyone have predicted it. 

And I should mention that the online tools and mapping programs we would have needed to decipher this code from 1980, were not available at that time – most of what was needed only becoming available in 2018. 

Having established this fact, over the eleven years since I have been studying it, in addition I also discovered that there is an enormous amount of correlating, mathematical, geometric data that has emerged from the seven sets of coordinates found in the Rendlesham binary code message received by USAF SSgt. Jim Penniston on Boxing Day, 1980, as claimed, which could fill three large volumes or more. 

Until someone can explain what I have summarized here, then the code in my view will remain legit as a ‘demonstration of retrocausality,’ and as something that could have only been devised by an intelligence not limited or confined by the laws of our spatial-temporal reality, as this is the way it has authenticated itself, and no one, not even Jim Penniston, whom skeptics believe had devised the code himself, could have predicted it . . . it simply speaks for itself. 

Below is a graphic I have created which encapsulates all the above.

The text requires close reading to understand what is being conveyed in the graphic:

Tip: If you are viewing on your computer - to enlarge graphic, right click and select "open in new tab"  - On a mobile device just pinch in/out to zoom

The way in which the Rendlesham Binary Code authenticates itself actually reveals why the Rendlesham Forest Incident happened in 1980. 

Only one year later in 1981, when Giza had moved further northeast by only 2.15 cm, this significant position of the E/W Golden Cut line was no longer identified by the latitude of 29.9766248ºN, and neither was it identified by these same latitude numbers the year before in 1979. 

The following data reveals this: 

1979: During this year, the Golden Cut latitude dividing the longitude distance between the center of G1 in the north and the center of G3 in the south into the 1 and 0.618 proportions of the Phi-ratio, was 29.97662445°N.

29.97662445 x 4.5714285714 (32/7) = 137.0359975.

The determination of the inverse number of alpha in 1980 was 137.035963  – known to the fourth decimal place. The corresponding latitude to this 1979 determination running through Giza would have been 29.9766169°N – some 0.876 meters (34.488 inches) south of the Golden Cut latitude of 29.9766248°N. 

1980: During this year, the Golden Cut latitude dividing the longitude distance between the center of G1 in the north and the center of G3 in the south into the 1 and 0.618 proportions of the Phi-ratio, was 29.9766248°N.

29.9766248 x 4.5714285714 (32/7) = 137.035999084... (precisely the same 12-digit, 9 decimal place number as the reciprocal number of alpha (Fine-Structure Constant) determined almost exactly 38 years later in 2018 to 100%. The determination of the inverse number of alpha in 1980 was still 137.035963 – known to the fourth decimal place. 

1981: During this year, the Golden Cut latitude dividing the longitude distance between the center of G1 in the north and the center of G3 in the south into the 1 and 0.618 proportions of the Phi-ratio, was 29.97662503°N.

29.97662503 x 4.5714285714 (32/7) = 137.036000…

The determination of the inverse number of alpha in 1981 was 137.035968 – known to the fourth decimal place. The corresponding latitude to this 1981 determination running through Giza would have been 29.976618°N – some 0.754 meters (29.685 inches) south of the Golden Cut latitude of 29.9766248°N. 

This also means that in the entire timeline of human history, there was only a “window” in time of ONE YEAR – 1980 – to demonstrate proof of contact via retrocausality in this clever, ingenious way – revealing that retrocausality is a reality, and for us to see and note this significant alignment concerning the most accurate value of the fine-structure constant to date, as determined almost exactly 38 years before the CODATA date of December 31, 2018, and published on May 26, 2019, some 39 years in the future, which is when all this information had emerged. 

It could only have been “predicted’ by whoever or “whatever” had devised the code. 

Now, I would agree, it does seem incredible that the only explanation we are left with is that this code has been devised by an intelligence not restrained by the laws of our temporal/spatial reality. 

However, when you consider the fact that our technology is fast developing at an exponential rate - i.e., quantum computing, nano-tech, DNA manipulation, genetic engineering, and sim creations etc., it is not so much of a stretch to also consider the probability that our technology could easily lead to a future, post-human, AI/hybrid species or intelligence (as-per the theory presented by Jack Sarfatti – i.e., his “us from the future” hypothesis), which has found a way to break the time barrier and manipulate time. 

For example, sending information back into the past to affect the present, which will also have an effect on the future, as seems to have been implemented by the binary code received from a drone craft in Rendlesham Forest in 1980. 

Again, and I emphasize. There is no way anyone could have known or predicted this 12-digit number turning up in the public domain in the future

But what has emerged from the binary code message HAS predicted it, demonstrating that retrocausality is a reality. 

It really is about time people understood what the code has provided us with. 

In any case, from this, one is forced to conclude that this was the primary reason why the UFO/UAP incident in Rendlesham Forest happened when it did in 1980, and like a Christmas gift being given on the morning of December 26, 1980 . . . which is huge in its implications. 

It is the “gift that keeps on giving” because more revelations are still being found in just those seven sets of coordinates found in the binary code message. 

I should mention too, that the date of Christmas, December 25, 1980, the evening of the day when the Rendlesham Incident, actually began, is given in the code. 

Gary Osborn



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