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Wisconsin Representative Mike Gallager: UFOs Could Be ‘Us from the Future’

Following an open congressional hearing Tuesday on the subject of what we’re now supposed to call “unidentified aerial phenomena” but used to just call UFOs, Representative Mike Gallagher (R., Wis.) entertained the possibility that UAP could be “us from the future.” Appearing on the Pat McAfee Show the day after the hearing, Gallagher suggested one possibility that hasn’t been considered for unresolved UAP sightings, in addition to foreign adversaries or extraterrestrials, is that they could be our own technology going back in time to our present. “Go back 200 years, and you would say, ‘You guys don’t have cars, Internet, good machine guns; what’s going on?'” Gallagher said. “So, go from our point in history, forward 200 years, and whoever’s left, at that point, if we can avoid nuking ourselves, is gonna say, ‘Wait, you guys can’t bend space and time? We figured that out like 50, 100 years ago.” He added that there’s some scientific basis for this hypothesis, and that it is conside

Gary Osborn Radio Interview- The Rendlesham Enigma - Paranormal Dimensions with David E. Young

 H ere is a great interview with Gary Osborn about his writing of the Rendlesham Enigma book. His discoveries with the code and his writing of Book two of the Rendlesham Enigma. He has taken the complicated and presented it for all of us to understand. It's our assessment these huge discoveries will change Ufology.