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"All of a sudden in the clearing there was an object. It had a bank of blue lights on it and it was sitting there like strobing." -John Burroughs

" . ..we all hit the ground and it went up into the trees"    -John Burroughs

Jim Penniston and Gary Osborn talking to David Young (David Young Paranormal Dimensions Radio ) 3/18/23

  Jim Penniston and Gary Osborn talking to David Young  3/18/23 Paranormal Dimensions' presenter on 'Paranormal UK Radio Network David Young Paranormal Dimensions Radio

The Penniston Code and Atlantis - Gary Osborn, Dr. Manu Seyfzadeh

  The Penniston Code and Atlantis Gary Osborn, Dr. Manu Seyfzadeh I am joined by Gary Osborn and Manu Seyfzadeh who have both collaborated with the likes of Graham Hancock, Robert Schoch and Robert Bauval publishing many articles and books on the mysteries of the Giza Plateau and the Sphinx. We continue the conversation linking the ‘Penniston Code’ received by Jim Penniston when he touched the unknown craft during Rendlesham UFO incident to calculating the fine structure constant. The code might be the only communication received from a non-human intelligence and could be from the future and created deliberately to ensure it did not break the timeline if decoded. We also discover how the code could potentially point the decoder to the Great Sphinx, rumored to house hidden records, and the Azores, rumored to be a possible location for the real Atlantis. If you would like to be on the podcast or get in touch then please email me at

"The Penniston Code is a bona fide, Hynek Scale, Close Encounter of the Third Kind..." - Dr. Manu Seyfzadeh 3/16/23

  Dr. Manu Seyfzadeh.  March, 16, 2023  1. The Penniston Code is a bona fide, Hynek Scale, Close Encounter of the Third Kind; Bloecher subtype F. It’s one of the rarest, if not THE communication candidate from an intelligent agency that is not from our own time. Therefore, if authenticated, it ranks at the top of all UFO-related encounters reported in the history of the phenomenon. It deserves a thorough appraisal.  2. Provenance: The source is credible by virtue of its credentials. The various critiques that have been launched against it have to do with perceived a) delay in reporting, b) note book irregularities, c) some of the coordinates mentioned in the code, and d) the overall implausibility of a message from the future and a message from Earth, as opposed to an extra-terrestrial location. However, all these critiques miss one of the chief take-aways of the code: It authenticates itself without relying on Jim Penniston or any other human being.  3. The Penniston Code, i

Paranormal Dimensions with David E. Young - Special Guests Jim Penniston and Gary Osborn 3-6-2023

  Here are the 'On Demand' ‘Spreaker’ and ‘Spotify’ links to the show which goes out worldwide on the PAUK Radio network from today at varied times over seven days and will always be available. All past shows are also now available on ‘Spotify’.   Please note - All shows can now be found also on ‘Spotify’. They are also on several other platforms including iHeart and 'Google podbean', plus Apple and Amazon podcasts. Twitter - @paukradio - @daveac130  Instagram @paukradio - Paranormal Dimensions Here is the ‘Spreaker’ link. 1jRfXcKHKeo4F5Sh6 Here is the ‘Spotify’ link episode/ 6IiTAK7BURN3fS3qkJX9Yg?si= JX2Wzb5GR1ycwHv_3Tb39A