Utsuro Bune USO

Rendlesham Forest and The Utsuro Bune

A well recorded and little known event in the Western world would be the events of the Utsuro Bune. This is a myth dating from circa 1800 Japan. It states that a USO ( unidentified submerged object) washed up on the shore. The inhabitants of the village witnessed the object on the shore stating that is was spherical with strange writing on it. Out of the capsule came a woman dressed in fine clothing. She spoke a different language and was not able to communicate with the locals.
The Rendlesham forest story involves an American Air Force base in England. As I understand the story a UFO began shining a light beam ( as if to scan for something) across several portions of the base. The executive officer at the time a Lt. Colonel Halt led a team into the woods to chase after the craft. Apparently one of them got close enough to record symbols on the craft.

Image from the Utsuro Bune scroll

Writing witnessed and notated by Jim Penniston from the left side of the craft of unknown origin at the Rendelsham Forest

Top right

A pale, redheaded woman was inside the ship.  Here I would like to show the similarities between these two writings, despite the time difference of 200 years.It seems rather odd that there would be any similarities between these two. However, it can be seen that the commonality is the triangle with 2 circles. The differences being that the midpoints of the circles are lined up with the midpoints of the triangles in the Utsuro bune while in the Rendlesham the triangle is inscribed within a circle. The midpoints of the two circles seem to be in line with the centroid of the triangle.

I merely wish to present this curiosity and I have no intention of offering an explanation for it. Perhaps in the future there will be a greater connection.

Tales Of Castaways

Utsuro bune was one of the first modern UFO sightings, and it happened way back in the Edo period in Japan. A lot of people believe that utsuro bune is definitive proof that we aren’t alone in the universe

.In a book repository in Japan, there’s a document dating back to the 1800s called “Tales of Castaways.” In it, there’s a strange story about utsuro bune, or “hollow ship.” It describes an incident in which a 3 meter by 5 meter round, metal ship with crystal windows washed up onto a Japanese beach in modern day Ibaraki prefecture.

Inside the ship was writing in a language the Japanese had never seen before.

You can see some of the writing in the top right.  A pale, redheaded woman was inside the ship, clutching a wooden box close to her. When she spoke, it was in a language that no Japanese person had ever heard before. What language was she speaking? Where did she come from? What was in the box? Nobody knows for sure. What makes things even weirder is that this same woman and craft were reported to have visited many different parts of Japan. People from all over Japan described having seen the exact same woman in the exact same ship, still tightly holding her wooden box

What was so important about the box, though? What was in it? Some people say that it had the head of her lover in it, and the reason she was in this UFO-boat in the first place is because of some scandal in her home-country (one person says China). The box, however, “wasn’t the type of box traditionally used for severed heads.” I don’t know what kind of box you’re supposed to use (no experience in heads myself… boxes for severed arms and legs is another thing, though) but the stories about the severed head came well after the original documents, and seem to be speculation. Seriously. OPEN THE BOX.

As for what happened to the lady afterwards seems to be unknown. Maybe she got back in her UFO and drifted off again. I don’t know why all these guys didn’t open her box, not that that’d be the nice thing to do, but still… curiosity is a strong thing. Also, if she didn’t float off again (which it sounds like she might have, she did apparently show up in a few different places) what happened to the Utsuro Bune? I guess the world will never know…

UFO Encounter Or Made Up Story?

The design of the ship is really similar to other descriptions of UFOs, and it happened in Japan in the 1800s – a time before modern UFO stories and a place not known for its UFO sightings.

But a lot of people doubt the credibility of these stories. The tale of utsuro bune comes from a collection of fishermen stories. Fishermen have been known to exaggerate their stories, like the size of their catch, so who knows if “Tales of Castaways” is accurate.

On the other hand, UFO enthusiasts might tell you that this particular story is plausible. The Bermuda Triangle’s sister, the Dragon’s Triangle (also known as the Devil’s Triangle), is a “danger zone” in the sea off the Southern coast of Japan. A large amount of boats have gone missing there along with 800+ people, never to be seen again. Some people believe that both the Bermuda and Dragon’s Triangle are actually where aliens have set up underwater bases (because it’s tough for us to find them there). Boats that make their way into alien territory aren’t guaranteed to make it through. Some would say that the Utsuro bune came from this “Dragon’s Triangle.” Who really knows, though?

Visiting The UFO Site

In Hokota City, Ibaraki Prefecture you can visit a park that “commemorates” the whole Utsuro bune thing. There’s an artist’s rendering of the UFO and you can go inside and check it out.

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