The Researchers

Welcome to the RFI Research Team.  This page lists only those researchers who have gone public.  There are many others in academia working on the RFI Research team who, at the present time, wish to remain anonymous.   

Gary Osborn

Since January 2011, Gary has been working with Jim Penniston (ex USAF retired) and John Burroughs (ex USAF retired) - primary witnesses of the Rendlesham UFO Forest Incident in December 1980. In particular; an independent study of the Penniston Binary Code. Work is still in progress and the findings thus far are no less than phenomenal.

Joe Luciano

Joe R. Luciano is a retired Computer Systems Engineer with over 50 years of professional computer experience.  He spent his entire adult life working with computer software, starting with Mainframe Computers - vacuum tube based UNIVAC 1101 and transistor based RCA 301 (at Griffiss Air Force Base), various IC (Integrated Circuit) based IBM models (7090, 360, 370) for various companies, and continuing to the current day Personal Computers, several of which he built himself.


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