In 2010 it was revealed by Jim Penniston that he initiated a download of information when he touched the pictorial glyphs on the craft of unknown origin during his investigation in the early morning hours of December 26th, 1980, in Rendlesham Forest.

Background on how the binary code was received and revealed:

26 year old Sgt. James Penniston was part of the three man USAF Security Police team called to investigate the landed craft of unknown origin in Rendlesham Forest. The men with Sgt. Penniston, were A1C John Burroughs and A1C Ed Cabansag.  Only Penniston and Burroughs went into the woods to investigate the landed craft, Cabansag stayed near the truck as a radio relay for the men.

Cabansag watched the mysterious pulsating multicolored lights in forest, while his two team members headed out on foot. As Penniston and Burroughs approached the unusual lights, they noticed abnormal sensations on their hair, skin and clothing. It seemed as though the air was electrically charged. Also, a time distortion occurred. According to the men, time seemed as though is slowed and it was difficult to move. Another odd characteristic, was everything was void of sound.

Now visable, the craft was sitting silently at the bottom of a berm, on the pine forest floor. Penniston cautiously approached the non aero dynamic, triangular, black, glassy craft.  It was like nothing he had ever witnessed before or since. The craft had patterns of blue, yellow and red colors running through the surface as though part of the craft. It was very difficult to put into words what he was witnessing. Sgt. Penniston was versed in all types of aircraft, He was a United States Air Force trained aircraft observer and crash investigator.  As part of his USAF advanced training he studied both the NATO and WARSAW PACT inventories of aircraft.

His up-close investigation of the craft included photographs, measurements and drawings, which he recorded into his USAF issued notebook. He took special note of the strange pictorial type markings on the side of the craft.
These glyphs were logged by Sgt. Penniston (see picture below).


He also touched pictorial symbols etched onto the glasslike surface of the (9 foot by 9 foot ) black triangular craft.

Glyph images above courtesy of Javier Castro

When Sgt. Penniston put his hand on the etched symbols, which felt like sandpaper compared to the rest of the smooth molded surface, everything became a brilliant bright white. He could neither see nor hear.  He was alone in a brilliant bright white light.  Next, he received patterns of ones and zeros into his mind.  It was as though a movie of flashing ones and zeros was running in his brain or minds eye. 

This occurred for an undetermined amount of time then his sight returned.  He was standing next to the craft,  facing the pictorial glyphs. The craft started to turn a vivid bright white color. So bright in fact, Sgt. Penniston thought it was going to explode. He took a defensive position nearby as the craft was engulfed in the light. The craft then lifted off approximately four feet from the ground, maneuvered between the trees, ascended to tree top level and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

The following Day after receiving the flashing ones and zeros:

The following day, back in his room Jim was troubled by the revolving flashing images of ones and zeros he received from touching the glyphs. He felt compelled to write them down in a notebook.  Jim records the ones and zeros in his notebook.  Upon completing the transfer to notebook paper, the image in his mind disappears.  Jim puts the notebook away with his belongings and doesn’t think too much about again until the year 2010.  In 2010, during a casual conversation with a researcher, he mentions the codes and displays the notebook.  The researcher immediately recognizes the ones and zeros as binary code and sets out to help Jim decipher it.

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Gary Osborn, Author and Rendlesham Forest Incident BinaryCode Researcher

Click the picture of the notebook below for current information regarding Gary's research into The Rendlesham Forest Incident Binary Codes and the seven coordinates deciphered from the code.

An Ancient City in Central America
A location in South America
Sedona, Arizona
An Island in Greece
A location in China
Hy Brasil

Click the notebook below to read about Gary's Rendlesham binary code research:


Click this hyper-link for the David Whitlock interview: He discusses his part in the binary code and his thoughts on Hy-Brasil.

Click this hyper-link for information on the mythical island called Hy-Brasil, which is now submerged off the coast of Ireland 

Gary Osborn is a writer, researcher of ancient mysteries, and coauthor of several books, including The Giza Prophecy (the Orion Code and the Secret Teachings of the Pyramids, The Serpent Grail and The Shining Ones.


Book Description The Giza Prophecy (the Orion Code and the Secret Teachings of the Pyramids)

A detailed study of the proportions of the Giza pyramids and how they reveal shifts in the Earth’s axis in the remote past—and near future

• Debunks the “pyramids as tombs” theory and shows how they are “recovery vaults” to ensure the rebirth of civilization after a global disaster

• Explains in detail how the angles and geometry of the Great Pyramid record a shift of the world’s axis in 3980 BCE and predict more to come

• Uncovers the location of an additional as-yet-undiscovered “recovery vault” on the Giza plateau, as revealed in the myth of Osiris

Offering a radical new perspective on the Great Pyramid of Giza and all the structures surrounding it, including the Sphinx, Scott Creighton and Gary Osborn show how the designers of Giza intentionally arranged these massive structures to create an astronomical timeline recording catastrophic events in the past as well as warning later generations of the precise times of future catastrophes. They reveal how the Old Kingdom pyramids of Giza were created, not as tombs for the pharaohs and their queens, but as “recovery vaults” to ensure the rebirth of the Kingdom of Egypt after a global disaster by acting as storehouses for ancient Egyptian culture--its tools, seeds, art, and sacred texts.

Through the use of photos, maps, and diagrams of the Giza plateau, the authors explain in detail how the angles and geometry of the Great Pyramid align with the stars of Orion’s Belt to encode an important message: that changes in the tilt of the world’s axis have occurred in the remote past, most recently in 3980 BCE, and will occur again in the near future. Highlighting the ubiquitous appearance of 23.5-degree angles--the most important of the precessional angles encoded in the Giza pyramids--in classic works of art, including the work of Leonardo da Vinci and portraits of John the Baptist and George Washington, the authors reveal how this angle, the Great Pyramid, and its fateful message are tied to Freemasonry and other secret societies. Concluding with the remarkable revelation triggered by the myth of Osiris that there may be an as-yet-undiscovered 14th “recovery vault” on the Giza plateau, Creighton and Osborn show that the prophecy of Giza is a message of first importance to our own civilization.

UPDATE REGARDING the Binary Code Coordinate referencing Hy-Brasil

On the radio show "Behind the Paranormal" with Paul and Ben Eno on Sunday, March 18th, 2012, Gary Osborn, Author and Rendlesham Forest Incident Code Researcher has stated Hy-Brasil is the correct coordinate decipher.

Previous to Gary Osborn's announcement, the Rendlesham forest binary code was decoded but a decimal point discrepancy, in decipher may lead to East (Woodbridge, England) instead of West (Hy-Brasil).  Gary has corrected this discrepancy and Hy-Brasil is the correct coordinate.

The free podcast of Show #328, "Beyond Rendlesham Panel 2, Part 2" on CBS Radio March 18 with Jim Penniston, John Burroughs and Gary Osborn is available at http://


History Channel-  Ancient Aliens series - Rendlesham Forest Binary Code

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