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Lifetime Television's Unsolved Mysteries, Mysteries is an American television program, hosted by Robert Stack, from 1987 until 2002, and later by Dennis Farina, starting in 2008: "Bentwaters UFO", 18 September 1991 (US) 

London Weekend Television's Strange But True?, Strange But True? Was a British supernatural documentary television series, presented by Michael Aspel, which explored supernatural phenomena and unexplained mysteries?  It was produced by LWT and broadcast in the United Kingdom on ITV between 1993 and 1997, 1994 December 9 (UK)

BBC3's Britain's Closest Encounter, 2003 March 15 (UK)

SciFi Channel's UFO Invasion at Rendlesham, 12 December 2003 (US), 1 December 2005 (UK)

SCI FI PR:Bryant Gumbel to host UFO special

Host Bryant Gumbel unlocks the mystery behind 'UK's Roswell' in a SCI FI Channel original exposé.

SCI FI Channel crosses the Atlantic to expose one of the most notorious UFO incidents of the twentieth century in UFO Invasion at Rendlesham. Hosted by Bryant Gumbel, this original two-hour documentary special premieres Friday, December 12 @ 9 PM (ET/PT) exclusively on SCI FI Channel. UFO Invasion at Rendlesham is part of the SCI FI Declassified franchise, a series of specials that demystifies the place where science fiction meets science fact. The most recent Declassified special, The New Roswell: Kecksburg Exposed, was the highest rated documentary program in primetime on basic cable for the month of October 2003.*

SCI FI's exposé of the controversial Rendleham UFO incident sheds a new light on a compelling mystery. In 1980, a series of bizarre events occurred near two American military bases in Rendlesham forest, England. Three American servicemen investigated strange lights that maneuvered and appeared to be intelligently controlled. The incident was then covered up and eyewitnesses were forced to change their stories. In 2002, the British government acknowledged that it had classified documents regarding the Rendlesham incident, making this an exciting subject for a Declassified investigation.SCI FI brings together key eyewitnesses and high ranking military officials who go on the record for the FIRST TIME to provide new and corroborating evidence.

The special is directed and executive produced by Jim Milio of MPH Entertainment. Melissa Peltier and Mark Hufnail also serve as executive directors. Jim Milio and Kelly McPherson serve as co-writers.

Through landmark documentary programming and advocacy based public affairs efforts, SCI FI works to expand the contemporary definitions of science fiction to include ideas, concepts, myths and legends that simply cannot be explained. Last year SCI FI launched a Washington, D.C. based public advocacy initiative to draw greater attention to the UFO phenomenon and is currently lobbying Congress to gain support for more scientific enquiry into these issues.

UFO INVASION AT RENDLESHAM is produced by MPH Entertainment, exclusively for SCI FI. Launched in 1996, MPH has produced over 130 hours of primetime television programming and two independent feature films, including co-executive producing the 2002 smash hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Notable amongst MPH's many television projects and SCI FI Channel's The New Roswell: Kecksburg Exposed, THe Roswell Crash: Startling New Evidence and Martian Mania: The True Story of the War of the Worlds, cable's The Lost Dinosaurs of Egypt, Founding Fathers, Discovery Channel's Eco-Challenge Australia, Las Vegas: Gamble in the Desert and Sea Tales.

SCI FI Channel is television network where "what if" is what's on. SCIFI fuels the imagination of viewers with original series and events, blockbuster movies and classic science fiction and fantasy programming, as well as a dynamic website ( and magazine. Launched in1992, currently in 82 million homes, SCI FI CHannel is a program service of Universal Television Networks, part of Universal Television Group (, a division of Vivendi Universal Entertainment (VUE), the U.S.-based film, television and recreation entity of Vivendi Universal, a global media and communications company. 

British UFO Files, 2004 (Five (TV), UK)

National Geographic Channel's Naked Science, Naked Science is an American documentary television series that premiered in 2004 on the National Geographic Channel. The program features various subjects related to science and technology.-2004 season:-2005 season:-2006 season:-2007 season:: "Close Encounters", 17 December 2005 (US)

History Channel's UFO Files, UFO Files was an American television series that was produced from 2004 to 2007 for The History Channel. The program covered the phenomena of unidentified flying and submerged objects, close encounters with alleged extraterrestrial life, and alleged military and government cover-up conspiracies.In: "Britain's Roswell", 17 December 2005 (US), 22 January 2006 (UK)

History Channel's UFO Hunters, UFO Hunters is an American television series that premiered on January 30, 2008 on The History Channel, produced by Motion Picture Production Inc., and ran for three seasons.The tagline of the show is: Hoax or History?,  27 February 2008

History Channel's I know What I Saw (sequel to Out of the Blue, Out of the Blue (2002 film), Out of the Blue is a feature-length documentary on the UFO phenomenon.The film is narrated by Peter Coyote and attempts to show, through interviews with members of the scientific community, eye witnesses and high-ranking military and government personnel, that some unidentified flying objects could), December 2009

HIstory Channel's Ancient Aliens, Ancient Aliens is an American television series that premiered on April 20, 2010 on the History channel. Produced by Prometheus Entertainment, the program presents theories of ancient astronauts and proposes that historical texts, archaeology and legends contain evidence of past season 2 episode 10, "Alien Contacts", 30 December 2010


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