A1C John Burroughs

The Rendlesham Forest Incident 1980

John Burroughs' account of the Rendlesham Forest Incident has been featured worldwide on numerous television and radio networks such as; Unsolved Mysteries, Sightings, Strange but True, History Channel” I know what I saw”, Ancient Aliens and many radio shows, including Coast-to-Coast. He and other witnesses had developed a “Return to Bentwaters” for the 30th year anniversary of the Rendlesham Forest Incident. That was held on December 2010 at Woodbridge, England. The final chapter, in the Rendlesham Forest Enigma, will be held on June 16, 2012, at Woodbridge, England Town Hall. Where an all telling Conference will be given.

Rendlesham Forest Incident December 26th and 28th of 1980, an account by John, as the only witness to have been involved with both nights of the investigation of a craft-of-unknown-origin, adjacent to the East Gate of RAF Woodbridge. Mr. Burroughs will discuss the pursuit, investigation/findings, and the aftermath of that report. The military’s best documented and most witnessed case in history. Commonly referred to by Ex-MOD Section Chief, Nick Pope, as the holy-grail of Ufology.

John entered the USAF in 1979 and served twenty-seven years both in active and reserve retiring in 2006 as a Law Enforcement Supervisor, Patrolman, and K-9 handler both explosive and narcotics. He had various assignments throughout his Air Force career. Some of these assignments were at Luke AFB, Osan AFB, Grissom AFB, Castle AFB, with Reserve assignments at Davis-Monthan AFB Prime Beef , Williams AFB, Reese AFB and Luke AFB as a IMA. He has been on many deployments from Italy to the Middle East, some which still remain classified today. In 2002 he deployed after being called back to active duty after 911 with his Explosive K-9 to AL Jabber AFB and again in early 2003 to a classified location in the Middle East during the buildup for the invasion of Iraqi operation Iraqi freedom. He also has been tasked on several occasions with his K-9 to provide protection for POTUS for the United States Secret Service. In 1999 he deployed to San Vito Italy with a squad for operation Noble Anvil. He worked the Joint Command Base with the Army, which ran all of the war operations in the theater. John was in-charge of Day Shift Operations, which included Forty Security Forces Personnel who provided Security for the base and aircraft located at Brindisi international airport located 10 miles away.

The most notable assignment began in 1979; he was assigned as a Security Police Law Enforcement Patrolman, at RAF Bentwaters England. A twin base with RAF Woodbridge, together they amassed the Largest Tactical Fighter Wing in the USAF. On the night of December 26th 1980, while working a Law Enforcement Patrol at RAF Woodbridge, has a life changing event, where he conducted an investigation on a phenomenon, which has left the rest of the world in awe of the most documented and witnessed sighting by the United States military in known history.

John Burroughs retired from the United States Air Force as a Sergeant. 


John Burroughs Bio 

John Burroughs was born in Bloomington, Illinois in 1960, and joined the U. S. Air Force right after high school graduation. He received orders to go to RAF Bentwaters, England, and arrived in July 1979, about eighteen months before the highly strange encounters with lights, beams and craft in the Rendlesham Forest between RAF Bentwaters and nearby RAF Woodbridge the end of December 1980. During that time, John worked as an Air Force police officer and says nothing strange ever happened until after midnight on December 26, 1980.

Earlier, John had Christmas dinner with his landlord in Ipswich where he rented a room in a house and reported for his normal police duty at 11 PM. A little before 3 AM, he and his boss, Staff Sgt. Bud Steffens, arrived at the East Gate together and noticed blue, red, orange and white lights glowing in Rendlesham Forest that John had never seen before. Steffens and Burroughs drove out the East Gate as far as the road would go to the trees, felt static electricity in the air that made them both nervous and returned to the East Gate to call the law enforcement desk about something strange in the woods outside the base.

Then, Staff Sergeant James Penniston, the base security supervisor, got a call to go to the East Gate and brought along a new airman, Edward Cabansag. Sgt. Penniston called the 81st Police Squadron Shift Commander, Lt. Fred “Skip” Buran, and asked for an Eastern Radar check. Lt. Buran told Sgt. Penniston there was an object over the base and that “something had disappeared off radar.” That convinced Shift Commander Lt. Buran to give Sgt. Penniston permission to go off base to investigate. Sgt. Penniston asked Sgt. Steffens to go with him into the woods, but Steffens did not want to leave base property. So, John Burroughs volunteered to join Sgt. Penniston and Airman Cabansag. The three men traveled in a pickup truck from the East Gate toward the unusual, colorful lights in the forest.

Jim Penniston remembers approaching the lights, seeing a solid black, glassy, triangle- shaped craft on the resting on the forest floor. He photographed the craft, he drew sketches of it in his notebook and copied the odd symbols scratched into the black, glassy surface. He walked off the size at 9 feet by 6.5 feet. But John Burroughs, who was there with Penniston, does not remember any of that. Later, Jim Penniston realized that his notebook’s time line had 45 minutes of missing time. Further, Airman Richard Bertolino on Bunker Hill was listening to Sgt. Penniston’s radio transmissions until Security Control called for radio silence about an hour after Sgt. Penniston and the other men went into the forest. John Burroughs recently talked with Lt. Fred Buran who said radio silence was requested because Security Control lost all radio contact with Sgt. Penniston for about 45 minutes.

Right from the beginning, the men saw what they could not explain and something happened to the minds of those eyewitnesses – either in the forest, in military interrogations later on, or both. The results have been blank or confused memories and efforts to break through mental blocks.

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