SSgt Monroe Nevels

Photo Still: I"I Know What I Saw" -James Fox

Monroe Nevels: Sgt Nevels was with Col. Halt, in Rendlesham Forest during the incredible incident and represented the RAF Bentwaters Disaster Preparedness Office.  Monroe can also be heard on the "Halt" tape.

Sgt Monroe Nevels was with Colonel Halt and others on the 27/28 December 1980. He operated the Geiger counter and confirms the Craft of Unknown Origin sighting.  Monore also took numerous photographs of the lights and object.  All of the photographs developed by Monroe Nevels were fogged. 

"I, Monroe Nevels, did take photos with a Nikon F3 and a 105mm f/2.8 lens, with TriX @ ASA 400. I processed them myself in my home photo lab. They were fogged, and after a few years realized the reason: Radiation detected around the sight and on the trees. This is why none of the photographs could not be viewed. By the way, I was and am a Professional Photographer. I was methodical with my work, And as a Disaster Preparedness Tech, I knew and did my job professionally. I KNOW WHAT I SAW!"  -Monroe Nevels

Monroe Nevels confirmed the Lights in these photographs (below) as what he witnessed on those nights 27/28 December 1980.

            Photo courtesy of: Larry Warren                                                                    Photo courtesy of: Larry Warren

"There were three objects or lights. The largest light was the leading or command vessel. The lights were three vessels that moved independently of each other. They were moving and were able to jump from Woodbridge and show up over Bentwaters in less than a second."  -Monroe Nevels  

"While the craft was on the ground pieces of flying debris were being shed which appeared to be like molted steal in a boiler pot. It seemed to get hotter as the object was approached. As the men crossed a farmer’s field the object seemed to head straight for them then disappeared. The sky above was a greyish white and three crafts were visible. Col Conrad directed Monroe Nevels to scan the skies for several days after the incident. Two days later around 1300-1400 Monroe spotted a series of bright lights approaching at a very high speed. These lights were moving so fast it was difficult for Monroe to obtain enough time to observe them. These lights were unlike the ones observed by Monroe on December 28th, 1980. Monroe never witnessed the lights again."
-Monroe Nevels

Monroe Nevels (Left) Col Charles I.Halt (Right)  In Rendlesham Forest 
Photo Still:  I"I Know What I Saw" -James Fox

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