The photo above was directed to Author and Investigative Journalist Georgina Bruni by Larry Warren. Georgina authored a book titled "You Can't Tell the People" which uncovered some startling details regarding the Rendlesham Forest Incident. 

Col. Halt confirmed there were photographs in his discussion between Nebraska senator Exon in 1985. Col. Halt was asked if he could confirm the existence of photographs, to which he replied, "I can verify that for the senator, I could substantiate that for him."


Sgt Monroe Nevels was with Colonel Halt and others on the 27/28 December 1980. He operated the Geiger counter and confirms the Craft of Unknown Origin sighting.

Monroe Nevels confirmed the Lights in these photographs as what he witnessed on those nights 27/28 December 1980. 

There were three objects or lights. The largest light was the leading or command vessel. The lights were three vessels that moved independently of each other. They were moving and were able to jump from Woodbridge and show up over Bentwaters in less than a second.

While the craft was on the ground pieces of flying debris were being shed which appeared to be like molted steal in a boiler pot.  It seemed to get hotter as the object was approached.  As the men crossed a farmer’s field the object seemed to head straight for them then disappeared.   The sky above was a greyish white and three crafts were visible.  Col Conrad directed Monroe Nevels to scan the skies for several days after the incident. Two days later around 1300-1400 Monroe spotted a series of bright lights approaching at a very high speed.  These lights were moving so fast it was difficult for Monroe to obtain enough time to observe them.  These lights were unlike the ones observed by Monroe on December 28th, 1980. Monroe never witnessed the lights again.

Larry Warren said of the photograph: "it is from the has been done on it, the lights are part of a large triangular object that is dark in color ........also said object seems to be aprox 75 to 100 yards from photographer and on or above the ground..... further a mist of some sort can be seen just under the object.......also corsican pines are clearly visible in a clear copy as are ferns that are native to rendlesham forrest also small lights can be seen coming toward the photographer. Other photos in the set are fogged beyond that another of the fogged photos clearly show the field ie caple green, to include the wire fence as it was in dec 1980...."

Larry Warren also stated: "Nick (referring to Nick Pope, UFO investigator for UK Ministry of Defence or MoD) is well aware of the picture, it has nothing to do with MoD cause they never saw it ! The photograph was taken during the Rendlesham Forest Incident....Georgina (referring to Author Georgina Bruni who wrote the book "You Can't Tell the People" which covered the incident) did not get the orig print and yet she still found much...,in it..."

Halt Tape...Sgt Ball and Col Halt say.."Pieces are shooting off" and "pieces are falling off"

They moved independently of each other according to Monroe...this can be seen in the photo by viewing the trails behind the lights. Are these anomalies a byproduct of propulsion, energy, communication or something else? Some could also be the center bottom light. The top light and the bottom right light seem to be traveling up from the bottom right of the photo. I believe the anomalies are indicative of motion of the light energy.

Partial Transcript from the "Halt Tape":

Lt. Colonel Halt: We just bumped into the first light that we’ve seen. We’re about a 150-200 yards from the site. Everything else is just deathly calm. There’s no doubt about it, there’...
s some kind of strange flashing red light ahead.
Sgt. Nevels: Yeah, It’s yellow.
Lt. Colonel Halt: I saw a yellow tinge in it too. Weird. It appears to be making a little bit this way?
Sgt. Nevels: Yes sir
Lt. Colonel Halt: It’s brighter than it has been…It’s coming this way. It’s definitely coming this way.
Sgt. Ball: Pieces are shooting off!
Lt. Colonel Halt: Pieces of it are shooting off.
Sgt. Ball: at about 11 oclock (12 oclock being directly up, 3 oclock being to the right etc.)
Lt. Colonel Halt: There’s no doubt about it – this is weird!
Sgt. Ball: Look to the left!
Sgt. Nevels: There’s two lights. One light to the right and one light to the left.
Lt. Colonel Halt: Keep your flash light off. There’s something very, very strange. Check the headset out see if it gets any stronger. Give us…
Sgt. Nevels: OK, I have an indication that this is a vague reading too
Lt. Colonel Halt: A vague reading?
Sgt. Nevels: The ? has been removed

Lt. Colonel Halt: OK, pieces are falling off it again
Sgt. Ball: It just moved to the right…went off to the right
Lt. Colonel Halt: Yeah ….strange, Ahh.
Lt. Englund: Went off to the right.
Lt. Colonel Halt: Strange. One again left. Let’s approach the edge of the woods at that point. Can we do without lights? Let’s do it carefully, come on… OK we’re looking at the thing, we’re probably about 2-3 hundred yards away. It looks like an eye winking at you, it’s still moving from side to side and when we put the star scope on it, it’s sort of a hollow centre right, a dark centre, it’s…
Lt. Englund: It’s like a pupil…
Lt. Colonel Halt: It’s like the pupil of an eye looking at you, winking…and the flash is so bright to the Star scope, err…. it almost burns your eye.

[Break in tape]
Lt. Colonel Halt: We’ve passed the farmer’s house and are crossing the next field and we now have multiple sightings of up to five lights with a similar shape and all, but they seem steady rather than pulsating a glow with a red flash. We’ve just crossed the creek…
Lt. Englund: Here we go…
Lt. Colonel Halt: What kinda readings are we getting now? We’re getting three good clicks on the meteor and we’re seeing strange lights in the sky.

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