Penniston Landing Site

Landing site photos (1980)

Some background information:
These photos were taken by SMSgt. Ray Gulyas, who investigated the alleged landing site on 26th December 1980 accompanied with Cpt. Mike Verrano and a British police officer. The photos only surfaced recently, but it appears that the Ministry of Defence already had copies.

The photos

Brief analysis



Photo #1 with annotations

Photo 1, shown above, is the clearest of the available photographs. The first two wooden stakes (far left and middle-top) are easily identifiable, as are the two related indentations. The third wooden stake (far right) however, is harder to make out and the associated indentation is difficult to identify.

Skeptics have suggested that the ground indentations were created by burrowing rabbits. However, with the exception of a police officer, the witnesses who visited the landing site just after the incident occurred maintain that the indentations were equally placed and uniform in shape. Even Chris Armold, who is extremely critical of the case, stated that the indentations looked like they had been left by a “three-pound US coffee can.”

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