A1C Larry Warren

A1C Larry Warren at Bentwaters USAF Airbase, United Kingdom
(Photo courtesy of Larry Warren)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Announcement Left at East Gate

Cosimo is announcing that it is suspending the distribution of the book, Left at East Gate, by Larry Warren and Peter Robbins.

Left at East Gate had originally been published by Marlowe & Company in 1997 and had received widespread praise from UFO experts and others. This book describes what some have called the most significant military UFO incident in history, that took place at RAF Bentwaters, a NATO base in the United Kingdom in 1980.  Recently, however, it has been brought to our attention that some of the experiences described in this book may be inaccurate or embellished.

Cosimo is committed to publishing both new and out-of-print books that offer enduring value.  We, at Cosimo, will continue to do so in order to inform and inspire our readers. As part of our mission, we specialize in making rare and unique out-of-print books available again, as we did with Left at East Gate.  As an independent publisher, we look for quality books in a wide range of genres from public affairs and personal development to history, philosophy and niche subjects such as ufology, and then make a determination whether these books fit well within our catalog. At this moment, we cannot be certain that Left at East Gate still meets this standard. Consequently, we have decided to suspend the distribution of this book, until the situation surrounding it has been clarified to our satisfaction.

Larry Warren is considered a controversial figure due to his account of what took place differs from what other witnesses have stated.  Some military personnel closely involved in the Rendlesham Forest incident have gone on record saying that they refuse to believe that Larry Warren was involved in it at all. His account differs significantly from that of Colonel Charles I. Halt, the most senior witness It has been suggested the NSA and\or other organizations utilized various techniques with the assistance of drugs and hypnosis to tamper with his memory. 

Larry Warren, a member of the US Air Force Security Police, was posted to England on 1st December, 1980. Just a few weeks later, he was involved in the bizarre encounter that occured in Rendlesham Forest. He says ' I was taken off my post to the forest, with a number of the other personnel who were bringing lighting equipment out used to illuminate large areas, but it wouldn't work because of a mechanical malfunction. We still had no idea what we were up to. A dim red light, opposite the Orford lighthouse, stopped over a strange mist on the ground.
It quickly transformed into a triangular object covering approximately 30 feet (10 metres), going to a sharp pyramid about 20 feet (6.6 metres) in height. It had a solid structure, with a rough surface. The main part was 'pearl-white' with a rainbow colour effect. Some of the group ran away, others stayed put, like myself. I couldn't move - i don't know whether it was shock or if it was outside influence. It was dreamlike... I think time was distorted and perceptions were intentionally affected by this intelligence. There was one reality and in front of you was another. I felt slower on that night. Everything was on half speed and something was wrong - something was out of place.


The Image above is of the craft of unknown origin that appeared after a silent  explosion of blinding light in a field just outside Rendlesham Forest.  On orders, Larry and other military members surrounded the craft at close quarters.  Next, he witnessed a type of exchange or communication between General Gordon Williams and the craft occupants.  Larry and the other military members were then "tapped out" or told one by one to return to the airbase.  (Graphic of craft from book 'Left at East Gate' reprinted here with permission courtesy of Larry Warren)

                    Original Photo                                                        Close up of lights\craft from photo to the left

The photo above was directed to Author and Investigative Journalist Georgina Bruni by Larry Warren. Georgina authored a book titled "You Can't Tell the People" which uncovered some startling details regarding the Rendlesham Forest Incident.

Larry Warren said of the photograph: "it is from the negative....work has been done on it, the lights are part of a large triangular object that is dark in color ........also said object seems to be aprox 75 to 100 yards from photographer and on or above the ground..... further a mist of some sort can be seen just under the object.......also corsican pines are clearly visible in a clear copy as are ferns that are native to rendlesham forrest also small lights can be seen coming toward the photographer. Other photos in the set are fogged beyond that another of the fogged photos clearly show the field ie Caple green, to include the wire fence as it was in dec 1980...."

Larry Warren also stated: "Nick (referring to Nick Pope, UFO investigator for UK Ministry of Defence or MoD) is well aware of the picture, it has nothing to do with MoD cause they never saw it ! The photograph was taken during the Rendlesham Forest Incident....Georgina (referring to Author Georgina Bruni who wrote the book "You Can't Tell the People" which covered the incident) did not get the orig print and yet she still found much...,in it..."

All photos and graphics provided by Larry Warren
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