Joe Luciano

Joe Luciano

Joe R. Luciano is a retired Computer Systems Engineer with over 50 years of professional computer experience.  He spent his entire adult life working with computer software, starting with Mainframe Computers - vacuum tube based UNIVAC 1101 and transistor based RCA 301 (at Griffiss Air Force Base), various IC (Integrated Circuit) based IBM models (7090, 360, 370) for various companies, and continuing to the current day Personal Computers, several of which he built himself.

During his 50 year professional career on Mainframe Computers, he worked on software for applications, communications, and managed and wrote code for the IBM Operating Systems.  He has worked with many different computer languages from machine code, assembler (symbolic language for machine code), COBOL, FORTRAN, APL, Pascal, etc.  He has also worked with various programming languages in the PC environment for his own personal use.

As a result of all this computer experience, he is intimately familiar with the various versions of binary encoding: ASCII, Half-ASCII, BCDIC, EBCDIC, etc., which makes him eminently qualified as a  "Professional Binary Code Expert".

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