Gary Osborn

Since January 2011, Gary has been working with Jim Penniston (ex USAF retired) and John Burroughs (ex USAF retired) - primary witnesses of the Rendlesham UFO Forest Incident in December 1980. In particular; an independent study of the Penniston Binary Code. Work is still in progress and the findings thus far are no less than phenomenal.

In early 2012, Gary was a guest on the Behind the Paranormal radio show with hosts Paul and Ben Eno, along with guests Jim Penniston and John Burroughs.

Gary has written two books with former "co-author" Philip Gardiner - The Serpent Grail 2005 and The Shining Ones (released August, 2006). Gary's ideas and theories were first presented in The Serpent Grail, by which he was able to present a fresh new interpretation of the Grail (the three levels) and also properly define the mystery of the 'Philosopher's Stone', and all in terms of cyclical phenomena and what our physicist's know today as 'zero-point energy’. His own contributions comprise the first half of the book.

In 2009 Gary began work on a book project with author Scott Creighton, and between them they co-authored a radical and groundbreaking book about the true purpose of the pyramids of Giza, 'The Giza Prophecy'. The foreword was kindly written by best-selling author, Graham Hancock, and was released in the USA and Canada, January 2012, and in the UK, 1st February 2012.
Gary has written a series of articles for both Mindscape and Heretic Magazines of which he is a regular contributor, and also New Dawn magazine with Scott Creighton.

Gary has appeared on BBC Radio Nottingham and also The James Whale Show Talk Sport, and has also presented 'The Serpent Grail' in a series of lectures - appearing at The Theosophical Society in London, QuestCon 05, organized every year by friend and fellow author Andrew Collins, and also BUFORA (British UFO Research Association). Gary has been a guest on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland Radio show Revelations with host William Henry, also Behind the Paranormal with hosts Paul and Ben Eno, and also Coast to Coast AM with host George Noory. He has been 'Author of the Month' twice on the Graham Hancock Website to promote the books The Serpent Grail (2005) and The Giza Prophecy. (2012).

Gary's work has been featured on the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association Website and also Sub Rosa Magazine and Hera - an Italian magazine.

Gary Osborn was born in Camberwell, London. Brought up in Peckham, London, Gary attended Peckham Park Primary and then William Penn Grammar in Dulwich, London. Gary is married to writer, professor, and TV presenter Heather Elizabeth Osborn, and they are currently living in the US.


'The Rendlesham Enigma Sacred Destinations'

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