We are now approaching the eighth year of our study of the ‘Rendlesham Forest Incident’ Binary message, and throughout the documentation of the findings of this study, we have observed on several Facebook group pages and various website forums, a virtual onslaught of misinformation, disinformation, fabricated data, and deliberate embellished accounting of the events that took place over three nights in December 1980.

This is one of the very reasons why Gary Osborn and myself also decided to write what we believe to be the ‘definitive’ book on the Rendlesham Forest Incident, and one which offers the truth of what really happened from the events that took place in December 1980 up to the present day.

Both Charles Halt and myself (James Penniston), both witnesses to the major incidents that took place, reject the following Facebook group pages and websites about the Rendlesham Forest Incident. Of course, opinions are welcomed, but in many cases the posters on some of these pages and sites also make it appear that we endorse them.

Below is a list of these disinformation/spin pages and sites: 

Rendlesham; The Rendlesham UFO; Rendlesham Binary Codes, and


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Jim Penniston and Gary Osborn new Rendlesham Forest Incident book update

Currently working on the Definitive book on the Rendlesham Forest Incident

Book update: The Rendlesham Code (working title)

Jim Penniston and Gary Osborn are currently writing the DEFINITIVE book on the Rendlesham Forest Incident. 

 The book is progressing nicely and we are close to completion. We are committed and compelled to release the code-related discoveries to the public. People will have it all laid out in front of them. We are confident that this book will be well-received by all of the people who have studied and followed this unique event. The timing is appropriate - especially with all the disinformation that has been posted recently about the Rendlesham Incident on various misinformed groups and pages: the lies, the fabrications, the spin, suppositions as fact, also certain people trying to write themselves into the story, along with what certain people who were not there have also said had happened based on their personal views and beliefs.

We are both willing to let the facts, evidence, and the discoveries stand on their own, and it is about time for everything to come out about the Rendlesham Incident. We will simply allow the public to decide for themselves on who was involved, what happened, how the cover story was initiated and accomplished, who committed fraud, who were the opportunists, and who was bought and paid for concerning those who were involved in the Rendlesham Forest Incident




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